Conversational AI Consulting

We have developed the social bot Alquist, which was successful in the Alexa Prize competition. We have accumulated a lot of experience while developing the NLP algorithms for the Alquist platform. We have learned a lot while interacting with thousands of users a day. The collection of hundreds of thousands of interactions is helping us understand human dialogs.

  • We are one of the best Conversational AI teams
  • Twice in a row second place in Alexa Prize and three times in the finals
  • We have developed many conversational topics
  • Extensive Natural Language Processing background
  • We have many tools for fast end to end development

Why us

We are originally an academic team. Our group has many year's long experiences. We have started with the classical NLP algorithms. These days we combine the classical and the Neural Networks based approaches to design the most accurate as well as computationally effective solutions for particular topics. Our platform is very modular.

Our expertize

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Question Answering
  • DialogManagement
  • Intelligent Speaker Applications (Alexa, Google)
  • Mobile Conversational Applications
  • Video and Picture supported Conversational Applications