The Alexa Prize

The Alexa Prize is an annual competition organized by Amazon since 2017 and designated for teams of university students from all around the globe. The goal is to create a chatbot (or a "socialbot") for Amazon Alexa that would be able to hold interesting conversations with humans about general topics like movies, sports, music etc. The grand challenge, awarded with 1 million USD, is to converse coherently and engagingly with the average length of at least 20 minutes and a 4/5 or higher rating.

We have participated in both years of the competition. In 2017, our team (which was the only non-English-speaking team in the finals) finally won the 2nd prize. This year‘s Alexa Prize is still in progress and its results will be announced in December 2018.


Check the official site of Alexa Prize here

Check the Alquist team on the official site here

Find official contest rules and deadlines here