What is Alquist?

Alquist is the name of the conversational AI developed by a bunch of students from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. This year, we compete for the second time in the finals of the Amazon’s Alexa Prize. Our task is to develop an AI able to hold fluent conversations with humans on any popular topic, such as movies, sports, or news. The name of our socialbot refers to the theatre play R.U.R. by Karel Čapek, in which the word robot was used for the first time.

            We are in the finals again! - read more here

Try it now

You can try Alquist by saying  “Alexa, let’s chat.” to your Echo device. You will be connected to one of the eight competing chatbots. Alquist is one of them but it needs to stay anonymous.

Our team

Jan Pichl  - Team leader 
Jan Šedivý  - Faculty Supervisor
Petr Marek
Martin Matulík


Jakub Konrád
Petr Lorenc


Most recent tweets

1 week ago
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2 weeks ago
. @pichljan talked at @FuturePortPRG about the future of human-like conversation with #AI! #FPP18 https://t.co/zvkO0mTZwA
2 weeks ago
Honza pitched Alquist to CEO of @SkodaAutoVAG. Was he successful? You will see 😏 https://t.co/1c5ag2qPc0

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